Case studies

Charlebois Industrial Park

MRC d'Argenteuil

The City of Lachute (Quebec) has several industrial parks including the Charlebois Industrial Park in which the city owns the land. It is an excellent asset that allows the municipality to control an economic development lever which has indirect ramifications on the entire industrial structure of a territory.

In this context, the mandate assigned to LGP Real Estate Strategies was to identify the niche sectors that were the most likely to contribute quickly to the growth of the City of Lachute and more precisely, to develop a positioning and growth strategy relevant for the Charlebois Industrial Park.

Globally, the first foothold for the growth strategy was organized at the heart of the three geographically zones of influence where we had to clearly identified and considered them as strategic and promising concrete business opportunities (which we keep confidential). The three zones are illustrated via the adjacent figure.

Furthermore, meetings with targeted companies on the territory allowed us to steer the City of Lachute towards the development of an industrial symbiosis (circular economy) project and to identify a source of residues that could potentially become a reservoir to be valued by other companies.