Facilitating The Site Search Process For Potential Investors

Facilitating The Site Search Process For Potential Investors

November 1st, 2018

by Ian Smith

The dynamics of getting an investor to choose a specific location (i.e., municipality) has changed tremendously.  Prior to the advent of the internet, investors were accustomed to receiving cold calls, advertisements in hard copy form and being targeted at conferences.  This particular approach is quite time consuming and very expensive which may not lead to a successful initiative. 

Thanks to the internet, this time tested dynamic has become dependent on an agency’s digital footprint.  From a single web page with a picture of a lot of land to a micro-site with a searchable database of vacant lots, site selectors access to information has become easier depending on the municipality’s efforts to promote their inventory of available industrial and zoned land. 

In October 2018, the economic development agency for the City of Longueuil, Quebec (Canada) unveiled their new interactive map of available land.    The map can be found here.   

Here’s how it works!!!

Once you are at the map, you have three areas in the city to select from in terms of available land.  Figure 1 is a screenshot of the map.

Figure 1: Map of The City of Longueuil"s Available Land Located In Three Zones

For the purposes of this article, we tested the tool to see what Longueuil has to offer in terms of industrial land in its airport zone (indicated in the purple oval).
Users can zoom in and out by clicking on the + and – icons to see which lots are available.   Figure 2 illustrates a close up look at the lots that are available in the zone.


Figure 2: Available Lots In The Airport Zone In Longueuil

As users click on a lot number, the tool provides access to the following information and documents:
  • Name of the borough
  • Allotment
  • Surface area in m2
  • Surface area in ft2
  • Lot number
  • Profile for investors (in .PDF)
  • Zoning grid (in .PDF)
  • Classification of usage (in .PDF)
Figure 3 is a look at the Profile for investors for the land assigned to number 191.  (Please Note: All documents are available in French only).

     Figure 3: Screenshot of Profile For Investors

In the profile, investors can learn more about:
  • Accessibility to the lot via highway, bus, railway, airport
  • Available services (i.e., water network, gas, electricity, telecommunications)
Longueuil’s interactive map is nothing new, however; the city is an example of a town that is taking a very proactive approach to attracting investors.   While the closing of any deal to acquire land is done over the phone or in person, the starting point is now done online.   Having a strong online presence with valid and current information will contribute to effective and efficient business retention and expansion strategies.

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