Target Market Profiling For Community Marketing

Target Market Profiling For Community Marketing

May 15th, 2019

by Ian Smith

Economic development professionals that are responsible for marketing their jurisdictions face daunting challenges on a regular basis.  From distinguishing themselves from neighbouring towns to selecting the right media outlets to carry messaging, professionals must have the best approaches to sell their community whether it be for tourism or migration attraction.

One of basic approach in marketing management that often gets overlook is target market profiling.

This blog post will briefly discuss:

1. What is "target market profiling"?

Target market profiling allows marketing professionals to understand and define the group(s) of individual(s) which they wish to reach and engage with in an efficient manner.  This entails conducting extensive primary and or secondary research to gather data regarding the target market segments.  Economic development agencies may have the data in-house in which it must be analysed very carefully.

2. How to profile a target market?

With the intelligence gathered via the two research methods, professionals must ask the right questions regarding their target market segments. In particularly, questions dealing with the following profiling variables:
  • Geographic – Where are these individuals located geographically?
  • Demographic – Who are these individuals based on sex, age, occupation and / socio-economic group?
  • Behavioral - How do these individuals interact t products or services?  Are they loyal? What do they need? How do they buy?
  • Psychographic - What do these individuals want in a product or a service that meets their personality, attitudes, lifestyles and values?
It is important to note that these variables used in profiling a target market are not mutually exclusive.  Ideally, professionals want to use the MINIMUM 2 out of 4 variables to define target markets.   For example, to obtain tourism attraction objectives, it would be wise to utilize the demographic and psychographic variables to engage with the selected individuals to appeal to a specific age group and respective lifestyle.

3. The importance for target market profiling for community marketing

In a perfect world with unlimited resources, professionals would love to target everyone for their marketing needs.  Unfortunately, economic development agencies are faced with budgets that place restrictions on spending.  As a result, agencies must be selective in terms of who they wish to reach and what tools should be in place to carry targeted messaging.

4. The importance of understanding Generation Groups for target market profiling

Understanding generation groups is the key to engaging target markets in today's digital space.  Knowing the wants and needs of a specific generation group could mean the different between reaching a growing population base or a group of individuals that may not be interested in a town’s offer.  For more information on the key Generation Groups, please read, “Generational Breakdown: Info About All of the Generations”.

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