5 Things That Is Needed To Sell A Region On Social Media

5 Things That Is Needed To Sell A Region On Social Media

March 13th, 2020

by Ian Smith

Since the introduction of the first set of major social media tools, some economic development agencies are still having difficulties overcoming common challenges when it comes to digital marketing.  These challenges are: 1) Creating a critical mass of individuals on a selected platform(s) and 2) Engaging target audience members with meaningful content.

The efforts that it takes for any agency to be successful on social media platforms to sell a region requires a systematic approach.   The approach should be based on the following strategic factors:
  • Branding
  • A Fit Within The Marketing Plan
  • An Unique Product
  • A Budget
  • Buy In By All Stakeholders

For any agency or organization to have a strong digital footprint across selected social media channels, its region requires a brand.   Without a solid brand, efforts to engage members in the target audience will not be sustainable.  A region’s brand will essentially dictate what is posted on each platform and shapes the messaging that is disseminating on a regular basis throughout the campaign.
  • Agencies that are comfortable with a region’s brand can proceed with their plains to execute their social media strategies.
  • Agencies that struggle with a brand of a region may want to seek out help to define a branding strategy that will used for a variety of marketing initiatives.
A Fit Within The Marketing Plan

When economic development agencies began to use Facebook and or Twitter for communications purposes, decision-makers wedged this activity into the marketing department without any consideration of the current promotional efforts. Such decisions are no longer taken if agencies are serious about using social media efficiently.
By acknowledging that social media is an asset for a region, agencies must find a fit in the overall marketing program.  If not, efforts will not be aligned.  This can be the case when a region promotes itself on social media depending on the established marketing objectives.

An Unique Product

In order to connect with an audience on social media, it is imperative that the product offer something unique to individuals.    Often referred to as an  “unique value proposition”, the selected platform must be able to carry a message that the region is going to respond to a need and what distinguishes the region from the competition.  This is always the case when using Facebook, Twitter and or Instagram for community marketing initiatives such tourism and migration attraction.   

A Budget

Although the platforms are free to use, having a sustainable presence on them requires a significant amount of dollars.    A budget will allow agencies to invest money in customized and original content to engage audience members.   Without a hard budget, spending can get out of hand and ultimately impact the overall marketing budget.

Buy In By All Stakeholders

Once the social media marketing initiative has started, it is critical that all stakeholders try to contribute to its success.  This includes senior executives at the economic development agency, local business owners, community leaders and individuals on the three levels of government.

Social media channels still offers a great opportunity to economic development agencies to promote regions to create wealth.  With the right approaches and allocated resources, agencies can change the way  they can capture the attention of individuals on and off the web.

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