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Real Estate Development and Urban Planning

LGP assists you in the development of your real estate and urban projects, obtaining your permits and authorizations, validating relevant regulations, planning and developing concepts, preparing detailed plans and coordinating different professionals involved in:

  • Drafting of submission documents for license applications, AIIP, PPU or other discretionary regulations, regulatory amendments and minor exemptions to the CCU
  • Regulatory analysis and policy development
  • Optimization of developing projects based on your needs and emerging trends
  • Coordination for the environmental permitting (CA22, CA32, Phase I, Phase II study wildlife and flora)
  • Coordination with the various professionals involved
  • Applying for authorization from the CPTAQ
  • Applying for a license to the RACJ, MAPAQ and other government agencies
  • Conducting research on urban planning trends and development of regulatory solutions

LGP must be on the lookout for the latest trends in its niche areas of expertise related to real estate development and town planning, including:

  • Strategies for brownfield redevelopment and contaminated land
  • Dealing with issues at the periphery of railways and related urban regulations
  • Planning for aging communities
Economic and Territorial Development

LGP Real Estate Strategies develops positioning and growth strategies to assist you in the preparation, conceptualization of development, identifying potential investors and project coordination including.

  • Strategies for positioning and growth of industrial parks
  • Support and canvassing for industrial growth
  • Governance strategies
  • Conceptualization of the ideal real estate mix (i.e., industrial condos, eco-parks, science parks, etc.)
  • Regional strategies for economic development and positioning
  • Searching for investors and real estate developers (industrial, commercial, recreational tourism, etc.)
  • Coordination with the various professionals involved in projects
  • Searching for prospects and opportunities
  • Providing supporting in grant applications to government bodies

Progressive and proactive, LGP deepens its practice by researching and developing niche topics related to economic and territorial development, including:

  • Directory of Industrial Parks of Québec (DIPQ)
  • Development of industrial-port areas
  • Implementation of the ideal real estate mix
  • Real estate strategies by establishing area of buildings and land
  • Setting up companies
Mobilization of local stakeholders
  • Governance structure to optimize economic and territorial development
  • Animation with local stakeholders on various topics relating to our areas of expertise

LGP Real Estate Strategies is proud to be a partner in the growth of its clients. By opting for LGP, you can count on the wealth of experience from the entire team. Coming from the private, public and community sectors, business people and public servants, our team members have a thorough knowledge of your daily reality and the issues that concern you. At the forefront and proactive, LGP is expanding its practice with the research and development of pragmatic means favoring the mobilization of local stakeholders.

Directory of Industrial Park of Quebec

An initiative of LGP

In September 2015, LGP Real Estate Strategies put online the Directory of Industrial Parks of Quebec (DIPQ), a user-friendly digital directory enabling companies and site selection specialists to find the ideal industrial park for their investment projects.

View Directory